Our high rise cleaning experts use specialised equipment to access and clean the windows of Hi-Rise Buildings. Because window cleaning in high rise buildings can be a dangerous task without proper training & safety, they are specially trained in the methods and techniques that are involved in the high rise cleaning process. Our Strong team of trained personnel has expertise in addressing the cleaning requirements of both industrial and commercial spaces, placing emphasis on environmental concerns.

We are providing a range of Cleaning Services for the corporate sector and have been widely acclaimed for our window cleaning services in this range. Our services find wide usage in offices and residential high-rises, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Cultural Facilities, Clubs, Shopping Centers and Industrial Areas
FAÇADE CLEANING: Not only the Interior but exteriors help make a lasting impression of how clients perceive a building. Hi-rise buildings require proper maintenance to be attractive and eye-catchy. External areas include glass curtain walls, structural glazing, marble, granite, stone and aluminum fitting. I-Clean provide best possible solution for your needs in all the aspects. We ensure the long lasting gloss for high-rise building.

We assure restoration of surfaces to better condition. We use advanced tools & technologies that provide excellent end-results that are free from dirt and other bacteria.


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  • Whether you are a new business, looking to out source your cleaning services or have decided your current contractor is not providing the cleaning services you need Nippon I-Clean Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied.
  • A clean building is not only a positive reflection of your business, but is also a boost to your employees' morale. We will make sure your building projects an image that it is well cared for!
  • Exteriors are always exposed to ravages of environment and weather, and specifically in India we have all the seasons to impact on the conditions of building. Hence regular façade cleaning helps in preventing the negative impact of climate and also makes it more sparkling.

Safety Measures

With the rise in mega cities and tall structures, façade cleaning is getting more difficult and challenging. so our first moto to make safety

Quality Service

True to the image of the Standard ISO 9001:2008 certificate obtained in 2013, we strive to implement with determination a quality management system for cleaning services strictly based on the standard of its requisites.


I-Clean we adapt the technology invented by the Japan promoters of our company while importing all our equipment /tools required to serve this purpose directly from Japan and also hiring the skilled people from Japan to undertake the training & cleaning activities.