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Property Maintenance Services :
Professional property maintenance can be stressful for owner of the property. Our facility maintenance team is ready to help you with quality, affordable and complete maintenance. We do Cleaning Services, Plumbing, Electrical, Gardening Cleaning Services, Water Cleaning Services, Pest Control, Security Services & Propety Care. We have a highly experienced, ISO Standard licensed, and professional technicial staff of skilled maintenance contractors. we make sure that our maintenance services are professional and result oriented.

When you hire our property maintenance service, we will handle the repairs at every trouble. From the initial bidding for the job to the final completion, our team will ensure that the work is of quality, efficiency and budget focused. We offer our Maintenance services to all of our customers and non-customers. Hyderabad management & maintenance can help you keep your facility well maintained.

We use a planned and systematic approach to Property housekeeping. By planning cleaning activities whether they are one off or periodic, we ensure that the services can be performed faster and with minimum disruption to the occupants. Our checklist based approach offers Quality Control and prevents tasks from getting forgotten. I-Clean Cleaning stands for environmental sustainability which means we tend to have a "green" attitude in our activities and make all efforts to prevent environmental pollution. We encourage our customers to dispose recyclable material separately and treat hazardous waste with care. While gathering litter and garbage from your facilities, our personnel are trained to collect recyclable material separately which can then be disposed to recycling companies. We use safe and certified products for cleaning and disinfection.

Work Scope:

  • 1. Mopping and polishing (buffing) hard floors.
  • 2. Cleaning of reception/concierge/security areas.
  • 3. Litter picking outside the building
  • 4. Bin area maintenance.
  • 5. Car park sweeping.

    1. All readily accessible floors vacuuming and areas under furniture
    2. Wood floors vacuuming and dust or damp mopping
    3. Floors washing and mopping
    4. Window sills, ledges & baseboards dusting
    5. Stairs and furniture vacuuming (including under cushions)
    6. Light fixtures, lamps and ceiling fans dusting
    7. Picture frames, knickknacks & wall hangings dusting
    8. Cobwebs removing and blinds dusting
    9. Furniture, woodwork, shelves, and door frames dusting
    10. Banister/railing cleaning or dusting
    11. Empty & clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
    12. Entry doors and glass cleaning
    13. Light switch plates cleaning
    14. Outside of fireplace and mantel cleaning/dusting

    Miscellaneous Areas:

    • Kitchen furniture hand wipe clean
    • Doors & frames spot cleaning
    • Door handles cleaning
    • Carpet edges vacuuming
    • Base boards & ledges hand washing
    • Tile grouting scrubbing
    • Extra attention to shower doors
    • Inside of range hood cleaning
    • Grease filter cleaning


    Other Ancillary Services like:

  • Empty Trash cans
  • Clean windows
  • Remove Cob Webs
  • Clean and dust woodwork, fixtures and fittings
  • Clean communal furnishings
  • Polish door furnishings
  • Vacuum floors and wash hard floors
  • Clean front door and approach
  • Change light bulbs (if required)
  • Clean, clear and tidy outside areas
  • Remove junk mail and loose rubbish
  • Steam carpet cleaning if required
  • The communal areas cleaning service can be carried out on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. No matter how often we visit you, we make sure that your communal areas are clean and welcoming at all times.

    Our Professional team shall visit once in a month and do a complete professional cleaning. Other than that other teams shall work on daily, weekly, fortnight basis as accepted.


    • Cabinet fronts cleaning
    • Counter tops and backsplash cleaning
    • Sinks cleaning & disinfecting, chrome shining
    • Cleaning outside of appliances
    • Microwave cleaning (inside and out)
    • Top of Refrigerator and range hood cleaning
    • Drip Pans cleaning
    • Small appliances cleaning
    • Table top cleaning
    • Window over sink washing
    • Floors vacuuming & mopping


    • Bathtub, shower, shower doors & tile walls cleaning and disinfecting
    • Sinks, backsplashes, and vanities cleaning & disinfecting
    • Mirrors & all chrome fixtures cleaning and shine
    • Toilets cleaning & disinfecting
    • Floors washing / disinfecting/carpet vacuuming
    • Soap dishes and knick knacks cleaning
    • Mildew chemically treating

    Special Areas:

    • High Pressue Water Cleaning
    • Cleaning Consolation on Cleaning Management
    • Waste Disposal
    • Factory, Complex, Office & Building Contract Cleaning

    “One Stop For All Your Housekeeping Maintenance Services”

    With the rise in mega cities and tall structures, façade cleaning is getting more difficult and challenging. so our first moto to make safety
    True to the image of the Standard ISO 9001:2008 certificate obtained in 2013, we strive to implement with determination a quality management system for cleaning services strictly based on the standard of its requisites.
    I-Clean we adapt the technology invented by the Japan promoters of our company while importing all our equipment /tools required to serve this purpose directly from Japan and also hiring the skilled people from Japan to undertake the training & cleaning activities.

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